Friday, 17 June 2016

False Premises: "Freedom of..." precisely what in America?

In America the sort of hate-mongering represented by Rabbi Friedman and his Rambam boys is considered acceptable ( Justin Worland, 'Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Protest Funerals for Orlando Shooting Victims' Time June 17, 2016).
The notorious Westboro Baptist Church said it will protest the funerals of victims of the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando that left 49 victims dead. The anti-gay church—known for protesting the funerals of U.S. service members and notable gay people—said in a statement posted on its website that “God sent the shooter.” Orlando Police confirmed on Twitter that the department had received a letter from the church saying they planned to come. Despite universal condemnation across the political spectrum, local authorities have little recourse to stop the church’s protests. The Supreme Court upheld the group’s right to free speech in public places in 2011.

The Supreme court then needs to get itself a proper definition of the difference between freedom to express an opinion, and deliberately and obtrusively intruding on the freedom of others with inflamatory hate speech. In reality a "church" which calls its website "" is obviously a gathering of the same kind of disturbed homophobes as the disturbed individual that "expressed" his opinion by shooting up a nightclub in Orlando. I hope on the bus down to Orlando the "Church" considers the Prayer of St Francis "Lord, make me the Instrument of Thy peace". Of course "peace" is not what these jackasses want any more than Rabbi Friedman really wanted any kind of dialogue with anyone about his false claims.

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