Tuesday, 9 May 2028

11) The Rabbi and the "Polish Death Camps" Lie

The ranting rabbi fits into the same mould as all ranters, he switches attention away from what he'd said, refuses to take responsibility for his words, refuses to apologise, and pretends the only 'problem' is not the fact that his opponents have any reasons for thinking differently, but are allegedly "unwilling to listen".

I think we have listened to Rabbi Friedman more than enough to see that all his verbiage serves to obscure the ignorance, prejudice and superficial thinking exhibited in his allegations. There has been a huge amount of literature published on the Holocaust since it began, Rabbi Friedman appears not to have read much of it. He however accuses me of being "in error", but it is too much "bother" for him to actually instruct us where and why. Perhaps the truth is he'd like to, but cannot.

Rabbi Friedman notes that we agree that Poles killed Jews, and Poles saved Jews from the Germans (duh). I really do not think there was any disagreement on that at all. It is just childish for the Rabbi to claim that as any achievement of his own reasoning powers and claims credit for the idea of organizing a "meeting [...]  between representatives of the Polish community and Jewish community (specifically those involved in the rally)" to "acknowledge" that. I rather think that what he was shouting through his megaphone concerned something else.

He furthermore claims we "agree" that:
Each one of us thinks that the other party is engaging in a 'distraction' from the issue at hand. I view the issue as my concerns about Polish anti-Semitism and the attempts of the current government to 'investigate and potentially charge' Dr Jan Gross with crimes of insulting the state. You view the issue as concerns about how the rally was conducted, the message that it sent and the insult that you and many others felt.
That seems a pretty moronic argument in a situation where he has not really addressed the points I made in order to actually back up his allegation that I am attempting a "distraction". I pointed out that he is wrong to accuse the Polish government of denial and trying to silence historian Gross, and all he has done is alter his phrasing.  Yes, I do have issues about the way the "rally" (note that word and its meaning) was conducted, it is scandalous to use a crowd of kids to promote a message of hatred when they have not the foggiest idea about what they are being exploited to appear to express an opinion about. Jewish hate speech against Poland and the Poles may cost nothing to organize  if you are a school (so in that sense is "free speech"), but has deeper social costs. I think the Rambam Ranters set out to achieve the results they did, a wave of anti-Jewish remarks from people who felt deeply affronted by their actions, such as the 600 highly critical (and indeed abusive) comments under the You-Tube video.

In this context, Rabbi Friedman's refusal to engage in proper debate of the issues seen above highlights that his real intent was not "education" but to exploit the compliant Jew-boys for his trolling, provocation. If that is what he intended to do, the rabbi has succeeded in his aim.

As for claiming that his purpose is highlighting "concerns about Polish anti-Semitism", that would fall better if he could not be seen to be directly involved in actually stirring it up. That is no way to foster a commitment "to 'put aside the past'..." or "focus on a future of mutual cooperation and understanding".

I think there is another point here worth considering.  With a number of Islamic states (with Iran currently at their head) actively questioning the 'Holocaust-as-justification-for-Israel' model and indeed the very existence of a holocaust as such, it is highly counter-productive for Jews like Rabbi Friedman to be promoting a version of the history of the Holocaust which is in fact easily shown to be at best highly exaggerated special pleading, and at worse a pack of lies.

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