Monday, 30 May 2016

Rajgród Monument Vandalised

'Holocaust Monuments Vandalized in Poland and Italy' JTA May 30, 2016
Newly-erected Holocaust monuments in Poland and Italy were vandalized by individuals who wrote on them far-right and far-left slogans, respectively. The Polish monument, which was unveiled in 2014 in the country’s northeast, was hit for the second time in a little over a year by unidentified culprits who broke off part of its surface and spray-painted expletives and a neo-Nazi symbol on what remained. [...] the monument’s stone tablet, which resembles a headstone, was shattered where it used to feature a Star of David etching according to Radio Bialystok, which reported that the attack occurred in recent days in Raigrod and was discovered Friday. The assailants spray painted in red offensive slogans and Odin’s Cross – a White supremacist version of the Celtic Cross, which consists of a square cross interlocking with or surrounded by a circle. The monument was erected in September 2014 in Raigrod, 130 miles northeast of Warsaw, and vandalized for the first time approximately half a year later. “The vandalization of this monument twice in 13 months is doubly painful,” said Gideon Taylor, chair of operations of The World Jewish Restitution Organization. Beyond the damage caused by the act itself, the destruction was an attack on the memory of the genocide, he wrote in a statement Monday. “The authorities must step forward and take serious measures to find the perpetrators and to protect this and other such monuments,” he added. 

Some 750 Jews lived in Raigrod before the Holocaust, constituting a third of the town’s population.
Read more: [This article also contains a very clear 'Poles-caused the Holocaust' approach which needs to be corrected by looking at the testimonies of the Polish witnesses which do not tally with the version presented by the Jewish newspaper].

I am sure that everyone agrees that Poland of course, a sovereign state, has the right to commemorate the history of its territory in any way it chooses, and to punish those that damage elements of that commemoration as they see fit. I do not think it is the position of outside bodies, however 'entitled' they may feel to dictate to them what they do. Mr Taylor oversteps the mark here.

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