Friday, 12 May 2028

8) Rabbi Friedman's Second Reply

[published with the sender's permission]\

From: Rabbi Zev Friedman 
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2016 6:57 PM
To: Paul Barford; Rabbi Yotav Eliach
Subject: Re: Rambam Mesivta students: Perpetuating the heritage of hate 1/3

Dear Barford [sic, PMB],
As I sat down to respond to your email I was going to read it line by line and point out to you what errors you made and where I disagreed.
However I realized that your email was an attempt to do the same thing to my previous emails. Bottom line, I think we will be engaging in an endless 'dissection' of each other's remarks and implications. There will be no resolution to our debate since we are both convinced of our respective truths.
Perhaps we agree on three things.
1. Each one of us thinks that the other party is engaging in a 'distraction' from the issue at hand. I view the issue as my concerns about Polish anti-Semitism and the attempts of the current government to 'investigate and potentially charge' Dr Jan Gross with crimes of insulting the state. You view the issue as concerns about how the rally was conducted, the message that it sent and the insult that you and many others felt.
Consequently, we both agree that
2. Polish citizens killed Jews during World War II
3. Polish citizens save Jews during World War II
Perhaps the most productive way to move forward and save additional 'spilled digital ink' would be the following.

A meeting be arranged between representatives of the Polish community and Jewish community( specifically those involved in the rally)
Rather than pointing fingers at each other, the representatives acknowledge points two and three above.
We then commit to 'put aside the past'  that unfortunately cannot be changed--- and focus on a future of mutual cooperation and understanding.
Hoping you agree,
Rabbi Zev Friedman

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